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Hello World

Published Feb 28, 2020 Last updated May 5, 2023 Edit Source

Hello World! I am finally writing a blog. Not that I haven’t tried doing it before, but its for real this time.

# Who I am.

Let me introduce myself. My full name is Xander Jake de los Santos, it’s a mouthful I know. That is why I wanted my username to be as short as possible and ended up with xanderjakeq. You can find me almost anywhere with that username. I from the Philippines, I moved to the US in 2015.

# What I do.

I consider myself as a creator, not defined by one thing. I make things interesting to me at the moment. Currently I am making web apps. I will write post about some of them later. But you can see them here.

My most recent ones are:

I used React.js for my older projects and Sveltekit for the more recent ones. Node.js for the backend on all of them. The more recent the project is the better the quality, as I apply what I learned from the previous projects. I’m want to explore other languages like Rust, and Go to expand my horizons.

I also want to get better at art. Here’s an example of my work. A fanart of Apex Legends and Absolver, two games I really like.


This one was featured in one of Apex’s dev stream. More art on my instagram or on wips.art. I also try to create music but not very good at it yet. I’ll get better if I put time learning music (like most things) but most likely not.

Here’s where I hang out online: